Podcast equiptment

What Equipment Do you Need to Start a Podcast?

It really depends on your budget and goals. If you’re truly strapped for cash, you can start a podcast with simply a computer and a good idea. But if you’re serious about creating a podcast that’s enjoyable to listen to, start with these basics:

Can you record a podcast from your phone?

Definitely! You can start podcasting with a smartphone with a simple recording app, such as the Anchor, Spreaker, or Podbean. Of course, these apps won’t give you as high sound quality as many professionally-produced podcasts, but if you’re looking to get started quickly, don’t let the lack of a computer stand in your way. For best results though, Riverside.fm recently launched their iOS app that allows you to record professional-quality audio and video for your podcast. To get the best sound quality, we suggest using an external microphone. ‍

How do I use headphones for podcasting?

A quality set of headphones are essential to a good podcast. They help cancel ambient noise and let you hear yourself better. The way you hear yourself talk is not the way you sound to others, so hearing yourself as your microphone is recording you will help you make adjustments on the fly rather than realizing post-recording that you were too close to the mic, popping your p’s and k’s, or speaking too loud. It’s best to choose podcast headphones that are easy to use (such as a USB plug-and-play option), but any quality pair you have should do the trick. ‍

Can you use Beats for podcasting?

Yes! If you have a quality pair of Beats headphones, they should work well enough for your purposes. ‍

How can I hear myself through headphones without delay?

If you hear a delay in your microphone headset, you may be experiencing audio latency. This problem can often be fixed by closing any other programs that are using the audio and reducing your plugin usage. ‍

How can I hear my voice through headphones in Windows 10?

To set up your headphones in Windows 10, plug them in using either the 3.5mm split jack or the USB port (or connect them wirelessly if they have Bluetooth compatibility). Then, select the headphones as the default sound output device in your computer’s sound settings. Then, connect your microphone.
  • In the sound settings, choose the sound control panel on the right.
  • Select the Recording tab and choose your microphone to set that as the default input device.
  • Then, open the Properties window and adjust the settings in the Levels tab according to your preferences.
Test your new setup in your favorite podcast software! ‍

Recording & Editing: What software should I use to record & edit a podcast?

The best and easiest way to record a podcast is to use audio recording software. There are many free and paid solutions on the market. The most popular free podcast software options are GarageBand, Adobe Audition, Audacity, Skype, Zoom, and Discord. Then, there are the higher-quality paid options such as Riverside.fm. It all depends on what you’re looking for. If you don’t have extra money to spare, one of the free options above is a great place to get your feet wet. But if you can afford to be a bit more discerning, look for a recording software option that provides:
  • Ease of use and a low barrier to entry
  • Locally-recorded, studio-quality audio (and video, if you’re interested in producing video content for social media or YouTube)
  • In-recording producer controls

How do I record a podcast remotely?

Contrary to what you might think, you can record a podcast with people in different locations. Whether you need to record a podcast interview or you’re simply recording remotely with your co-host, it’s easy enough to make it sound like you’re in the same room. Simply choose a high-quality recording software like Riverside.fm that records each participant’s audio and video locally to their computer. That way, you’re not dependent on a fast internet connection, and each person’s feed sounds crisp and clean. Also, make sure each participant uses a quality microphone and a set of headphones for the best results.
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