Loans For Federal Employees With Bad Credits

If you are a federal employee with bad credit, getting a loan would likely be a hassle for you. However, the good news is that there are options that are made just for you. And there are options not made just for you but which you can qualify for.

Not only will these options help you to get hassle-free loans without credit checks, but many of them will also even help you to repair your bad credit. Here is a list to pick from depending on where you are and other factors surrounding you:


1. Federal Employee Education And Assistance Fund (FEEA) 

This loan program is meant to assist federal employees who recently suffered an emergency tragedy. It is a non-profit outfit that relies on donations. As a result, its loans are totally interest-free. And, of course, eligible federal employees can apply even if they have bad credits.

To qualify for an FEEA loan, an applicant must have been a permanent civilian or postal Federal Government worker for at least a year. The emergency situations that qualify such a Federal Government employee to apply are:

  • Personal illness, dental emergency, or accident resulting in the injury of such an employee.
  • Illness or personal injury to the fed’s close family member
  • Death of a fed’s close family member
  • Loss of or damage to the primary residence of such an employee due to a natural disaster
  • When a fed is a victim of domestic violence leading to an emergency need for safe housing
  • When a federal employee is a victim of violent crime or identity theft leading to sudden personal losses

The loan ceiling is $1500 and the amount may be spent only on the emergency situation for which it was given. 


2. Money Mutual

As a brand, Money Mutual is not a lender. Rather, it is a lending network. This is to say that it connects a prospective borrower to a number of lenders who belong under its fold.

According to Mutual Money, their job is to provide easy, fast, and secure access to the lenders in their network. While they provide this service to all workers, they can also help federal workers with bad credit to connect with the lenders that are suited for them.

The Mutual Money process goes as follows:

  • You sign up for an account and submit your information. 
  • The information is available to numerous lenders in the network. 
  • A number of lenders would review the information. 
  • Then lenders that are ready to work with you based on the information you submitted would contact you through the Mutual Money platform
  • Among those contacting you, you choose the lender whose conditions go down well with you the most.

Once there is an agreement between a lender and a borrower, funds can be deposited in as little as 24 hours according to Mutual Money Admin. Many of the lenders in the network offer allotment loans to federal workers with bad credit. Mutual money only helps you to find them.


3. BMG Money 

BMG Money is custom-made just for federal workers with bad credit. They offer loan amounts of between $500 and $10,000 without FICO credit checks.

The application process is through an online form. While no traditional credit checks are conducted, BMG Money reports the repayment to the three major credit bureaus. This helps federal workers with bad credit to repair their credit. So, you have the double opportunity of obtaining a loan despite your bad credit and also of repairing your bad credit through faithful repayment. 

Here are other BMG money loans features that might interest you as a federal worker with bad credit seeking a loan:

  • Their interest rates range between 16% and 32% depending on a prospective borrower’s work history and a few other considerations. 
  • BMG offers an opportunity for instant funding following approval
  • They appear to accept more prospective borrowers than other brands
  • They conduct internal credit checks though

Also, check out our list of BMG Money Alternatives.

4. Kashable 

Although there are a number of competitors coming up to challenge Kashable, the brand is easily the most popular option for allotment loans available to federal workers with bad credit. Here are the possible reasons for their popularity:

  • Their annual percentage rate can be as low as 6% if your credit score is high. 
  • As a federal worker with bad credit, you will certainly not get a 6% APR. But the rate will be lower than most other brands in this niche. 
  • They grant loan amounts of between $500 and $20,000
  • The repayment terms are between 6 months and 24 months
  • The application is online and requires some supporting documents to be submitted. 


6. Federal Employee Loans

As the name implies, Federal Employee Loans is a brand dedicated to offering loans to US Federal Government workers. They also serve employees of the United States Postal Service (USPS). 

The features of this brand that might interest you as a Federal Government worker with bad credit are:

  • They don’t conduct FICO credit checks before granting loans
  • But they report loan repayments to the major credit bureaus which help to repair your credit when you pay back your loan faithfully. 
  • Their loan offers range between $500 and $3000
  • The repayment terms are between 6 months and 12 months
  • They offer the opportunity for instant funding once a loan is approved



The above are the options we’ve been able to come up with at this time. You are advised to click through and see their current conditions at the time of applying for a loan as a Federal Government worker with bad credit.

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