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How to Buy Stock Directly With Little Capital

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How to buy stock directly – Investing in stocks as typically requires using a share broker. But what if you want to do it yoursa beginner without adequate information can be very risky, as you will probably be clueless about making the right decisions.
If you want to invest in the stock market, then you need to be knowledgeable in the key areas listed below.

  • What stocks to buy?
  • How to buy stock directly
  • Where to Begin Trading?
  • How to Pick the Right Stocks?
  • Your investment strategy?
  • The best time to buy a company’s stock?
  • Choosing a stockbroker

This guide provides a hands-down approach for people who wish to trade themselves instead of handing money to a broker to trade for them.

What Stocks To Buy?

The type of stock you buy depends on the amount of capital you have to invest and the level of risk you can take.
There are different types of shares you can access through your stockbroker.
You can buy conservative shares of already established companies that have overcome the financial crisis.
These sorts of shares are less risky and may cost more.
Alternatively, you can buy into the shares of a new business or companies just listed on the market.
These shares may be less expensive, depending on the value of the company, and may also come with greater risks and returns.

Where to Begin your Trading?

Stock trading is a knowledge-based investment and it is only advisable to invest in businesses that you are familiar with, especially if you are a beginner.
If you find other stocks that interest you, then look them up or garner more information from your broker before putting your money into them.
Choosing the right company to invest in can be confusing. You should invest in the stock of a company that you are passionate about and conversant with.
If you are an engineer, you can look up and invest in engineering firms.
Likewise, if you are an accountant, salesman, doctor, etc., passion shouldn’t be your only basis for consideration; you also have to check out the viability of such businesses.
Here are 43 stock trading terms you should know.

How to Pick the Right Stocks-Your Investment Strategy?

The secret to investing in stocks is diversification. You need to have a stock portfolio of various companies.
Don’t put all your money in one company, no matter how lucrative it looks.
Identify other profitable businesses and purchase their stocks.
Your primary goal while trading should be to prevent loss and increase your capital.
You can invest in conservative businesses and let your investment grow over time, or you can invest in new listings/businesses you have faith in.

The Best Time to Buy a Company’s Stock

During a market crash

When the stock market crashes, the value of most listed shares diminishes.
At that point, you can get high-rated shares for less than their value.
It is, however, important to only invest in businesses whose value is likely to rise.

At the initial Offering

The cost of a company’s shares is usually low at its initial public offering.
However, the value of most shares fell further after the IPO.
Hence, it is important to only invest in shares you have adequate information about.

How to Choose a Stockbroker

If you want to invest in the stock market, then you need a stockbroker. There is no way out of it except to become a broker yourself.

You can not just call up a company and tell them you need their shares.

So, who the Hell is a Stockbroker?

A stockbroker is your access to the stock market.
They are licensed agents that buy stocks for large sums and sell them in bits to the general public.
Stockbrokers don’t just help you buy stock, they also help you trade your stocks.
In years past, people would just hand over their money to a stockbroker to manage it for them.
But today everything is quite different. Investors are becoming more participatory.
People want to trade themselves or see what the broker is trading with their money.
The availability of online trading platforms and mobile apps helps make that happen.
The success of your stock investment may depend on choosing the right stockbroker who can provide the ideal platform and information for you to trade more effectively.

Types of Stockbrokers

There are two types of stockbrokers.

  • Regular Broker vs. broker reseller
  • Full-service vs. Discount brokers


Regular brokers vs. Broker reseller

Regular brokers are members of recognized regulatory firms like the Security and exchange commission.
They deal directly with the client, helping you to order shares and trade shares.
Broker resellers, on the other hand, act as an intermediary between the client and a larger regular stockbroker firm.
The broker seller can be an individual or firm that is licensed to trade in shares.
They may or may not be registered members of a body like the SEC, hence it is important to check them before you sign up.

Full Brokers vs. Discount Brokers

Full-Service brokers, as the name suggests, offer full “services”.
They don’t just stop at helping the client obtain the stock.
They also provide advice and trading recommendations.
You should choose a full-service broker if you don’t have adequate experience in the stock market or if you are too busy to trade yourself.
Discount brokers, on the other hand, usually help you obtain your stocks of choice and allow you to make your own decisions.
Although they might provide you with the option of being your broker for a fee, it isn’t mandatory.
Since you will be mostly trading by yourself online, discount stockbrokers usually provide all the essential tools you will need to have successful trading.

Investing in stocks is a process. The more you go deeper, the more you learn about doing it right.

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