About Jean Budget

I’m Victor Joshua, an accountant, and freelancer. I created Jean Budget as an online platform to do my bit in the drive towards financial literacy and building the Middle class. I believe a major reason why most people struggle isn’t that they don’t make money. But because they lack the knowledge to properly manage their finances to grow wealth.

I have seen people make a lot of money, and then become broke in a couple of years. I have seen employees work for so many years with nothing to show for it.

That’s why I created this platform.

  • Provide answers and guidance to help you make the right financial decisions and become financially independent.
  • Share investment opportunities.
  • Help you save more money and invest it wisely.
  • Guide you to Reach whatever goals you set to achieve.
  • Help start-up a business or side hustle to earn extra income.

All these are possible. Just stick around and follow our posts. Join the conversation, talk to us about questions or suggestions you may have.


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